Fibreglass Roof Installation Swansea

Duraseal provide fibreglass roof installations for commercial and domestic properties across Swansea and the wider South Wales area. Fibreglass (also known as GRP) is a versatile material that is strong, robust and suitable for a range of applications. It can be used for many flat systems, including homes, garages and commercial buildings. This is because the material has a long lifespan and is easy to maintain.

We source and use the highest quality materials on the market and use the latest tools and equipment to give your system a smooth, seamless finish. Our skilled team will ensure your new or replacement system is completely watertight and properly insulated to keep your property warm and dry.

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How Long will a Fibreglass Roof Last?

One of the biggest advantages of fibreglass roofs is that they have long lifespans. Many systems last between 20 to 30 years with no damage or deterioration, which makes them a suitable choice for many properties. In addition, as they are very low maintenance. You will not need to worry about any extensive upkeep to make your property look its best. The price of fibreglass makes it a worthwhile investment due to what it offers in terms of durability and aesthetics.

As well as how long it lasts, a fibreglass system is also a popular choice because it is easy to repair. If the material has cracked or been punctured, we can fix the problem quickly and efficiently to ensure your property stays protected from the elements. We can do this all for a very competitive price, just contact us today to talk to our experts.

commercial building single ply roofing and skylight

Is A Fibreglass Roof Better Than Felt?

When compared to felt, fibreglass has many benefits which makes it the preferred choice for us at Duraseal. 

  • Modern engineering, designed to withstand damage
  • Seamless to prevent water ingress
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No-waste installation


We can advise you about all the best materials on the market and help you choose the most suitable option for your project.

How Much Does Fibreglass Roofing Cost?

We always keep our prices low and the quality of our work high. We can discuss your budget and make recommendations, so we can work around how much you want to spend. Furthermore, with our reliable team there will never be any hidden or unexpected costs.

More Information On Fibreglass Roofing & Free Quotes

We specialise in fibreglass roof installations and strive to provide you with a long-lasting result. 

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