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We are a roofing company based in Swansea. Solar panel cleaning services are available for industrial, commercial and residential sites. 

You can trust our service because we have our own cherry picker and can access equipment with qualified operatives. 

All we require from you is a water source that is easily accessible. 

If you don’t have one nearby, we can arrange for one to be brought to the venue. 

We strive to keep all of our services inexpensive and we are committed to providing high-quality client service. 

We endeavour to exceed your expectations at all times, so you will never be dissatisfied with our services.

For further information and a free, no-obligation estimate, call 01792 874 374. Our crew is always willing to assist.

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Why Should You Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned by Duraseal?

There are a number of environmental advantages to solar panels

Our environment is producing more smoke, dirt and pollution than ever before, which lands on your roof. 

When this is paired with additional outside risks (such as bird droppings and salt spray), a slew of annoyances emerge that often goes unnoticed. 

Roof maintenance is rarely on homeowners’ to-do lists, but here’s why that should change. 

These elements will have a significant impact on the performance of your solar panels producing clean energy, therefore it is critical that they are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. 

We are completely qualified and equipped to clean your solar panels at Duraseal Roofing. 

Maintaining the health of your panels is critical for earning a monetary return and ensuring the functionality of your product, especially with the rising cost of electricity. 

So give us a call right now for a complete cleaning.

Cleaning Costs for Solar Panels

We strive to keep our costs competitive for our customers. 

The cost of cleaning solar panels is determined based on several criteria, including:

  • Your panels’ dimensions
  • How many do you own?
  • Where are they located?

A panel on the ground floor, for example, will be easy to access and clean (so in turn, less expensive). 

This could result in a lesser cost than a more involved job, such as installing multiple huge panels on your second floor. 

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote or for additional information.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Your Area

Due to the nature of the job and the risk involved, you should never attempt to clean your solar panels by yourself. 

Contact Duraseal for expert and competitve solar panel services, especially if your roof is sloped or tilted. 

Our roofers are completely qualified and accredited, and they have a plethora of experience and understanding. 

For a free, no-obligation estimate, call us today. 

We eagerly await your response.