Roof Tiling Swansea

If you need a team to install a traditional tile roof for your property, then make us your first call. 

At Duraseal, our specialists are highly skilled and have many years of experience of working on tiled systems across Swansea. 

Our services are available at highly competitive prices, so our top priority is to always exceed our customers’ expectations. 

We can complete every aspect of your installation, from the design process to all of the finishing touches. 

Our team work with both clay and concrete varieties, and we will be happy to help you decide on which style to choose. 

There are also several colours available, so you can give your property a unique appearance.

Whether you need a system for a new build, or you want us to replace a damaged roof, we are just a phone call away.

Benefits of Roof Tiles

When opting for roof tiles for your property, you can enjoy a number of benefits which has made them a popular choice for domestic and commercial properties through Swansea. 

They are very durable and have long lifespans, so they are a low maintenance choice and will keep your home or business premises looking its best. Some other advantages include:

  • Classic appearance
  • Resistant to water and frost
  • They are not vulnerable to insect damage
  • A versatile solution for pitched systems of all sizes
  • Great thermal properties
  • Sustainable material

In addition, many people also choose tiles because there is more variety when compared to slate. 

There are various colours available, from terracotta and light browns to greys, purples and greens. 

You can really make your home stand out with this fantastic range, and at Duraseal we can source options from some of the leading manufacturers in the UK.

several tall detached houses with roof tiles brown and grey

Tiled Roof Construction

Our company provides tiled roof construction across Swansea and the surrounding areas. 

We offer a completely bespoke service from start to finish, so our specialists will always be on hand to give advice and recommendations along the way. 

For installations, it is important to choose a reputable team for the job to ensure all of the components are fitted correctly. 

We will ensure the weight of the tiles is spread evenly over the timber trusses and support beams, as this will reduce the risk of any weak spots developing. 

In addition, we will ensure the surface is watertight so there are no risks of leaks.

cost of Tile Roofing

By installing a tiled roof, you will be making a solid investment for your property. 

Although the costs may seem higher than many flat systems, the longevity of the tiles make them great value for money. 

We always aim to keep our prices competitive and our workmanship at a high standard. 

For our services, get in touch with us today!

Traditional Tile Roofing Services

Contact us today if you need tile roofing for your home or business. 

Our staff are skilled and motivated roofers who are committed to delivering a long-lasting result. 

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