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How Do You Know When It’s Time For A New Flat Roof?

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Typically, flat roofs last for a long time but not forever. From time to time it is worth investing in a new flat roof to make sure more serious issues don’t arise in the future. With the development of newer and more efficient materials, a new flat roof can benefit your home or commercial building greatly. But when is it time to invest? We have outlined some fundamental signs that you may need an upgrade.

What Causes A Flat Roof To Leak?

It is important that you can recognise tell-tale signs that your flat roof needs servicing or replacing. Our specialist team are experts at identifying a roof that need some tlc.

How Old Is Your Flat Roof?

A high quality flat roof that has been fitted by qualified experts can last on average 10 years but it isn’t uncommon for them to last longer. If you think yours is older than 10 years, it might be time to invest in a more efficient, new flat roof. 

Rain On A Flat Roof

Drainage Issues

Due to the almost unnoticeable gradient it can be common for drainage issues to arise. This can occur over time due to older materials breaking down or sometimes a larger issue. 

Some key indications of poor drainage can be downspouts and water pooling on your roof. Often this may be due to heavy rainfall but if you leave the issue to become worse it may end up damaging the interior of your property due to damp and other issues.

Are There Excessive Levels Of Moisture?

If pooling water has been left to persist, it may have already caused some damp and moisture spots inside your property. At this point it’s a strong indicator that it needs replacing. Our staff are experienced at identifying issues. Call us to see whether we can help.

How Often Does A Flat Roof Need To Be Replaced?

A well maintained flat roof that has been serviced and looked after can keep its waterproof integrity for 10-15 years and sometimes longer. It’s best to ask one of our professionals whether you require a replacement. They will be able to access any damage or weaker areas that may result in the longevity of your roof being compromised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often they can be repaired. It really depends on what the damage is and what material has been used. Call our specialists for them to advise you on the best course of action when it comes to repairs.

We are able to offer many different types of roofing systems but the best one can vary on your requirements and budget. Our team is able to talk you through the various systems we have to offer and the best choice for your project. Alternatively check out our blog on different materials.

As all are different shapes and sizes, the price can vary. Our team of experts can give you a free quote over the phone for repairs and brand new flat roofs. We offer both residential & commercial roofing services. 

Contact Us To Enquire About A New Flat Roof Or For A Quote

Our expert team of roofers in Swansea are always happy to  help wherever possible when answering your queries. Call us for assistance or to receive a free quote for your project.

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