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What is the Best Material For a Flat Roof?

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Many materials can be used for flat roofing and each of them have different qualities that benefit your project in various ways. As specialists we know a thing or two about the best material for a flat roof. This breakdown of roofing materials will help you decide which is best to suit your budget and project, whether that is at home or a commercial building.


Otherwise known as Glass – Reinforced Plastic (GRP), fibreglass roofs are one of the most popular choices in material. With great waterproofing qualities, this composite material has been used as a reliable and durable form of covering for roofs for over 60 years!

Simple & safe, fibreglass flat roofs are renowned for having a lifespan that far outlives other forms. This is due to the process of fitting it. With several layers of fibreglass & catalysed resin in place, your new roof will stand the test of time.

duraseal fibreglass roofing installation complete
single ply roofing on home extension

Single Ply

One of the most popular materials in the UK for flat roofs, single ply is lightweight, versatile and cost effective. Single Ply roofs are great for cost effective building projects that require a durable & flexible material. Able to withstand the UK climate, punctures & tears this material is a great cost effective way to replace your roof.

Liquiflex Pro

This polyurethane based liquid waterproofing process is a high performance method of flat roofing that is extremely efficient and lasts for a long time. Due to the way it is fitted, this material is suitable for any project from a small porch roof to huge commercial buildings. Fitted quickly and easily, it can be a great option for replacing your roof quickly with an outstanding product.

Liquiflex Pro is a fantastic material that can often be seen lining ponds & swimming pools which means it’s more than capable of dealing with large amounts of rain. 

flat roof curing in process
single ply roofing and skylight


Rubber flat roofs are fast becoming the go to replacement for bitumen & felt. This is because it offers many more benefits for a similar level of investment. Rubber is a much easier to install alternative that is more environmentally friendly, stronger and more resilient than its predecessors. This means you can get a rubber roof fitted and not worry about punctures, tears or unreachable leaks like you did with felt and asphalt.

Experienced Flat Roof Contractors in Swansea

Our team of experienced roofers and unprecedented customer service has made us one of the premier roofing companies in Swansea. We have been established in South Wales since 1995 and bring with us a wealth of knowledge to every project. We pride ourselves on maintaining very high standards of workmanship for both domestic and commercial projects.

Specialising in flat roofing means we are qualified experts in our field. We are always on hand to help you with any enquiries you may have about the right materials for your home or commercial building.

What buildings can a flat roof be used for?

Flat roofing has been around for many many years now and is suitable for a flurry of buildings from your front porch or garage to huge warehouse and factory spaces.

Commercially, flat roofs tend to be less expensive than a pitched roof which means that an easier to maintain and cheaper to fit roof suits many companies. Due to commercial buildings varying in shape and size, it makes sense to have a roof that is easily cut to shape and repairable. 

Contact Us To Enquire About Flat Roofing In Swansea

Our team of expert roofers in Swansea will be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have about what is the best material for a flat roofs or to get a free quote for your project. Call us or use our contact form.

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